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Alcohol in perfumes

Alcohol in perfumes

wanted to ask what type of perfumes are permissible to apply?
as they contain different types of alchohol
Types of alcohol used in products:

1) Denatured Alcohol
2) Ethanol/Ethyl Alcohol
3) Cetearyl Alcohol
4) Cetyl Alcohol
5) Stearyl Alcohol
6) Benzyl Alcohol
7) Lanolin Alcohol

Category: Beauty and Beautification (أحكام الجمال والزينة) - Asked By: mrs Abeer - Date: Jun 03, 2018


الجواب باسم ملھم الصواب حامدا و مصلیا
Alcohol in terms of Industary and organic chemistry is organic group.an alcohol is any organic compound in which the hydroxyl functional group (–OH) is bound to a carbon.So there are different types of Alcohol like benzyl alcohol, methyl Alcohol,ethyl Alcohol.
From all these types of alcohol, Only ethyl alcohol or ethanol is one that was drinking and was forbidden in Islam.
Ethyl Alcohol is forbidden for intoxication .Ehtyl Alcohol is of than two types .
1.One that was prepared from grapes raisen,or dates or from dry dates .Such Ethy Alcohol is haram even a single drop.
2.Second that was prepared synthetically or from other carbohydrates like potato,Apple etc .Commercially, ethyl Alcohol is prepared synthetically now a days .
Such synthetically prepared ethyl Alcohol is pure qnd can be used for medicines,or in perfumes as per opinion of Imam Abu Haneefa r.a and imam Abu Yousaf r.a
.However, drinking for
intoxication of such alcohol is also not allowed .
So one can use perfumes and sprays in which ethanol or ethyl Alcohol was used .

ما في ’’ تکملۃ فتح الملہم ‘‘ : حکم الکحول المسکرۃ(Alcohals) فإنہا إن اتخذت من العنب أو التمر فلا سبیل إلی حلتہا أو طہارتہا ، وإن اتخذت من غیرہا فالأمر فیہا سہل علی مذہب أبي حنیفۃ ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ وإن معظم الکحول التي تستعمل الیوم في الأدویۃ والعطور وغیرہا لا تتخذ من العنب أو التمر ، إنما تتخذ من الحبوب أو القشور أو البیترول وغیرہ ، وحینئذ ہناک فسحۃ في الأخذ بقول أبي حنیفۃ عند عموم البلوٰی ؛ واللہ سبحانہ أعلم ۔ 
(۳/٦٠٨ ، کتاب الطہارۃ ، الأشربۃ ، حکم الکحول المسکرۃ)
And Allah knows best
Written by mufti Hammad Fazal
checked by mufti Zakaraya.
Mufti jamia Ashrafia Lahore
3 June,2018
18 Ramazan ,1439


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