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Mufti Hammad Fazal

Early life and Education:

Mufti Hammad Fazal was born on April 1st 1982 in Muscat, Oman. After moving to Pakistan and completing his secondary schooling, he gave his Matriculation exam from Garrison Academy Lahore and did his pre-engineering from PAF College,Lahore . After that ,he was selected for admission in Civil Engineering NUST in Risalpur but opted to join Mechanical Engineering at UMT. However, his immense love for Deen inspired him to pursue and study Ilm e Deen instead.

Education and Higher Studies:

Religious Educatiion:

After completing 4 months in the path of Allah SWT for the effort of Dawah O Tableegh, he joined the Madrassa Al Arabia at Raiwand Markaz for the dars e nizami course in 2000. Due to illness,After two and half year, Mufti Hammad Fazal shifted to Lahore after seeking permission from his esteemed teachers Maulana Ehsaan Sahib DB , Maulana Jamshed Sahib RA,Molana Faheem,molana Abdul RAHMAN,in mashwara. He than continued his religious studies at Jamia Manzoor ul Islamia in Lahore. During his study of Ilm e Deen, Mufti Hammad Fazal ,also had the honour of studying one year at Jamia Ashrafia,lahore and then completed the Dars e Nizami from Jamia Madnia.

Ijazat e Hadees:

He has ijazat e Hadees from dr Sher Ali Shah.r.a,molana Yousaf r.a palandri (student of molana Hussain Ahmad Madni r.a),molana Mahmood mian ,mufti muhammad Hassan,and from molana Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi d.b on behalf of student of molana Zahid ul kausari.

Specialization in Fiqh (Takhassus):

After completing the dars e nizaami degree of Aalim , he then pursued the studies of Takhassus (specialization) to become a Mufti (Islamic Jurist). He practiced Fatawah (Science of Jurisprudence) (tamreen iftaa)under the direct guidance of Mufti Zakariya DB and learned some books of Takhassus from Dr. Mufti Abdul Wahid DB.He has ijaazah of giving Fatwa from His Teacher of Fatwa,Mufti Zakaraya . Senior Mufti of jamia Ashrafia Lahore .

Work in Darul Ifta:

Mufti Hammad Fazal is now the Vice Mufti of the Darul Iftah at Jamia Taha,from 2012 working under the direct supervision of Mufti Zakariya DB of jamia Ashrafia lahore from 2012 till now. Till April,2019 he had issued more than 1500 Fatwas written by Him ,and all were checked and signed by his great Teacher, Mufti Zakaray d.b His Fatwas were also compiling by name Fatawa Hammadia

Masters and Post Graduation Studies

Mufti Hammad Fazal completed his graduation from Punjab University in 2005 with Distinction in Persian and Islamic Studies and then went on to do Masters from the same University. He has done his MS in Islamic Banking and Finance from UMT.He is currently doing PHD in Islamic Banking and Finance from UMT Lahore. He also wrote different books on various topics

Tazkiya and Tarbiyah

In 2001, he became Bayt in Naqshbandi chain of Shaikh Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi d.b. Later, in 2010 Mufti Hammad Fazal was given ijazat o khilafat by Hazrat Maulana Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi DB who gave him Ijazat and Khilafat of the Silsila .in 2010 He has also honourary ijazat in four salasil and in shazlia From pir ji Mushtaq d.b. He conducts his weekly Islahi Majlis e bayan every Sunday after Isha for the effort of Tazkiya. His Islahi bayanat can be downloaded from website jamiataha.com

Teaching and management experience:

Jamia Taha

Mufti Fazal is Principal of Jamia Taha Lahore since 2010. Jamia Taha is a registered institution for Religious and Conventional education. At this moment jamia Taha has following departments

  1. Dars e nizami
  2. School till Secondary Education.
  3. Dar il iftaa
  4. Publication section
  5. Spoken Arabic section
  6. special annual Daura e Fiqh classes
  7. Takhasus


Mufti Hammad Fazal served as Principal at AAS HILP (Academy of Arabic Sciences .Higher Islamic Literacy Program) since April 2014 till January 2019,. He also held the office of Registrar at AAS in 2010 and 2011.

Teaching Experiance

Mufti Hammad Fazal was teaching since 2005 .He also deliver various special lectures on different basic concepts of Islam.

Halal Food Auditor

He is also halal food shariah auditor at BQM (Bureau of Quality management ) since 2015.

Dar ul noor Foundation (DNA)

He is also chairman of dar ul noor Foundation. Under the umbrella of this foundation, Alnoor Educational Complex at Aato Aasal, Feroz pur road, lahore, is under construction. This Complex will be Consist on School, Collage, University, Madrasa, Alnoor Masjid, orphan house, old house

Maktaba tul Islam

Maktaba tul islam is the biggest islamic app for authentic islamic books that was working under his monitoring.

Taha Academy

Academy for Ullamas to educate them for better jobs .


Email: muftihammad@gmail.com 00923028484434