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610 Topic related to Ahadees Sub topic related to Authentication of Ahadees Title .baba ratan Hindi بابا رتن ھندی کیا صحابی تھے ؟ Aslam o Alaykum Mufti sb as I send you video tahir ul qadar said in this video there was a man baba Ruton Hindi he was from India and a business man he was sahabi He further said for business usually he will visit to seryia through Makkah once he was near Makkah and he see a little beautiful boy with goats his goat cross the water he little boy can't Baba Ruton see and help this little boy to cross the road and little boy pray for him and ask 7 time Allah bless you long life so baba Ruton was 700 yeas old with this prayer He further explain that once baba Ruton was in India and he see that moon divide in two parts when some Arab people came India baba Ruton ask they said there is a young man with the name on Muhammad in Makkah he divide in two parts so baba Ruton go to Makkah to meet hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him when he reached Makkah people told that they migrate to madniah than baba Ruton go to Madinah ask from people they send me musjad e nabvi baba Ruton go there and see one beautiful young man sit among other sahaba he go and meet him and ask for prayer this young man according to him hazrat Muhammad Peace be upon him they said baba Ruton you have have not enough of that prayer witch I was give you at time when you help me to cross the water and I pray you Mufti sb answer is this just a story or some thing witch we can find from history of islam about baba Ruton Hindi Jazak Allah kheer Kind regards Muhammad Aamir

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609 Topic related to Ahadees Sub topic :related to Authentication of Ahadees Do a Hajj before going to bed Very interesting. Takes only 2 mins to read. ★The Holy Prophet (SAWS) one day said to Hz.Ali (R.A.) : Ya Ali! Do these 5 things before going to bed at night: ◆ 1. Give 4000 Dinars in Sadaqa and then sleep ◆2. Read 1 complete Quran and then sleep ◆3. Pay the price for Janna'h and then sleep ◆4. Make two people happy with each other when they are upset and then sleep ◆5. Do 1 Hajj and then sleep. ★Hazrat Ali (R.A.) said, Ya Rasulallah! This looks impossible. How will I be able to do it? Then the Prophet (SAWS) replied: ◆4 times reading Surah Fatiha is equivalent to 4,000 Dinars giving in Sadaqa. ◆3 times reading Surah Ikhlas (Qul hu Allahu Ahad) equals to one complete Quran. ◆3 times reading any Durood Shareef is the price of jannat. ◆10 times Astagfirullah is equals to making two unhappy people happy with each other. ◆4 times Third Kalima is equals to one Hajj. ★After this Ali (R.A.) said, Ya Rasulallah (SAWS)! Now I will do all these before going to bed. ★It takes less than 5 mins for all the above zikr and look at the virtues for it? Who would not want to have all these virtues to be in their book of good deeds It will be very nice of u if u could Pls forward this to as many Muslims as possible coz if anyone starts doing these Aamaal then there is no doubt that you will also be rewarded for it. Inn Sha ALLAH. Advice ⚠ Do not send later. Send it now. May Allah grant success to every one who reads it and sends it. . Aameen. is this Authentic Sheharyar Ali

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I want to know whether it is a hadees e nabwi (saw) or not مرنے سے پہلے مر جاؤ And please explain it also

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کیا یہ حدیث درست ھے اے علی رضی اللہ عنہ ، رات کو روزانہ پانچ کام کرکے سویا کرو۔۔۔ چار ہزار دینار صدقہ دے کر سویا کرو۔۔۔ ایک مرتبہ قرآن شریف پڑھ کر سویا کرو۔۔۔ جنت کی قیمت دے کر سویا کرو۔۔۔ دو لڑنے والوں میں صلح کرا کر سویا کرو۔۔۔ ایک حج کر کے سویا کرو۔۔۔ حضرت علی رضی اللہ عنہ نے عرض کی کہ یا رسول اللہ۔ یہ امور تو محال ہیں۔ ہر رات مجھ سے کب ہو پائیں گے۔۔۔ تو میٹھے مدنی آقا علیہ الصلاۃ والسلام نے ارشاد فرمایا کہ چار مرتبہ سورۃ فاتحہ پڑھ کر سویا کرو۔ اس کا ثواب چار ہزار دینار صدقہ کرنے کے برابر ہے۔۔۔ تین مرتبہ سورۃ اخلاص ( قل ھو اللہ احد ) پڑھ کر سویا کرو۔ اس کا ثواب ایک قرآن مجید پڑھنے کے برابر ہے۔۔۔ دس مرتبہ استغفار پڑھ کر سویا کرو۔ اس کا ثواب دو لڑنے والوں میں صلح کرانے کے برابر ہو گا۔۔۔ دس مرتبہ درود شریف پڑھ کر سویا کرو۔ جنت کی قیمت ادا ہو گی۔۔۔ چار مرتبہ تیسرا کلمہ پڑھ کر سویا کرو۔ ایک حج کا ثواب ملے گا۔۔۔ اس پر مولا علی کرم اللہ وجہہ نے عرض کی کہ یا رسول اللہ۔ اب تو میں روزانہ یہ اعمال کر کے سویا کروں گا۔۔۔ حمزہ طفیا

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