11-Dec-2018 /02- Rabī-u-Thani-1440

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Assalamu alikum Mufti sab can you clarify about the consequences of predictions(پیشنگوئی) what is included in it? Is weather forecasting permissible? Some people think its not allowed? What is the correct .?

Category: Knowledge and Science (كتاب العلم) / Allowed and prohibited knowledge - Asked By: Bilaal khan - Date: Jun 02, 2018 - Question Visits: 0

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Hazrat what is the view & Aqeeda of Ehle-Sunnat-Wal-Jamaat about respecting or disrespecting Hazrat Ameer Muawia? (Request for urgent reply)

Category: Knowledge and Science (كتاب العلم) - Asked By: Ahmad Gilaani - Date: Apr 30, 2016 - Question Visits: 2